OM Away From HOme

Om Away from Home offers yoga retreats and holidays for joyful rejuvenation.

Our retreats feature energetic Vinyasa Yoga Sessions, and Relaxing Yin yoga sessions, complete with yoga nidra, guided meditations, and massage. We also enjoy community meals and cooking lessons. All this in beautiful natural settings ranging from charming farmhouses to exotic resorts.

You can expect to sweat, smile, and savor your moments and memories.

We love creating unforgettable weekend and weeklong getaways around Germany and abroad. Sustainability and beauty are the qualities that unite all our locations and experiences. We are always a small group with two teachers/ masseuses, so you can expect lots of hands on adjustments and neck massage. Our retreats are an invitation to go deeper into yourself, your practise, and to experiment with some advanced asana. Or, you can just breathe deeply and practise watch-asana. Watchasana!?!?!: the one when the crazy pretzel yoginis do their circus tricks and you just, you know, watch.



Now is the right time!

Yoga is Liberating!

Delicious healthy food is healthy and delicious!


Invigorating creative asana choreographies

Intuitive healing massage

Inspiring philosophy, poetry, Dharma talks


excellent conversations

hands on assistance and personal attention

the stillness needed to hear the music of your own soul

Yoga is not for everyone. Yoga is for those who want to be free and who believe that joy is possible!...we must embody what we feel is good, and joyful.

Sharon Gannon



Mary Beth Volker is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a passion for athletic movement balanced with healing therapy. She believes everyone everywhere can learn to make herself happy and  free, and is delighted to share all the  techniques she has learned. Her classes get you thinking, laughing, and growing. Students have completely transformed their bodies and outlooks on life when working with her long term, due to her commitment to the yoga practise and philosophies, and her ability to tailor practises to meet each student wherever she is on her path. Although she is very serious about yoga she doesn’t take herself too seriously, so you can expect lighthearted, accessible language and jokes throughout the sessions. She teaches teachers, thai massage, and cooking lessons as well as yoga. 



She thanks her teachers, Anna Laurita, Master Duncan Wong, and Sharon Gannon for teaching her the importance of touch in the practise, and inviting her up into this practise of personal liberation. She is assisted by her apprentices and other masseuses on retreats.